Lodge St. John, No. 1072 S.C.

Thailand's oldest Masonic Body

Consecrated in 1911, Lodge St. John is a Regular Masonic Lodge under the Scottish Constitution with a Charter signed by the Grand Lodge of Scotland in Edinburgh. Lodge St. John has enjoyed a long, successful history as one of Bangkok’s oldest foreign Societies. With the growth in the number of Thai Members since our Consecration, we feel our identity is now better defined as being the Kingdom’s oldest Masonic organization.

Our Brethren have always been comprised of a collection of diverse backgrounds, both professionally and culturally, creating a dynamic atmosphere for Fellowship. Visitors will find a warm reception and the distinct possibility of conversing in their native tongue. Members and Visitors stem from far reaches of the globe although, it should be noted that English is the working language of our Lodge.

Lodge St. John Masonic Hall

Consecrated in 2004, the Lodge St. John building has also been referred to as the Bangkok Masonic Hall. Frequently, the building is home to many other Lodges in and around Bangkok. Lodge St. John and Brethren all, make the Lodge St. John Masonic Hall a valued destination for Masonic Visitors travelling to the Kingdom.

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